Unmatched Affordability

Investing in your potential doesn’t have to break the bank. Campbellsville University is committed to full transparency in tuition and fees.


Lower tuition
than most
other programs


Cost per credit hour


Credit hours


Total tuition

*Enrolled students will need to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 or newer.

Students in most other chiropractic programs must also foot the bill for a higher cost of living. Located in picturesque Harrodsburg, Ky., Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic students enjoy affordable housing, food, transportation and entertainment options.

“Less debt is always better. I’ve met chiropractors so far in debt it’s difficult to keep their head above water, let alone get a future loan for their home, car or business. We want our graduates to be well-positioned for long-term financial success, and that starts with choosing a high-quality education with greater transparency and lower tuition.”

Dennis Short, DC

Associate Vice President of
Chiropractic Education