Christian Values

For more than 100 years, Campbellsville University has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive, high-quality education grounded in Christian values.

If your personal life, your career path and your faith are inextricably linked, Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic is the place for you. Our core values and Christian mission form the backbone of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Your Campbellsville Christian chiropractic education will be rooted in these values, including:

We define integrity as a quality of being truthful with strong moral principles. The individual who embodies this value is true to their word and can be trusted to do what they have committed to do.
Work ethic
We define work ethic as a principle that considers hard work as intrinsically virtuous and worthy of reward. The individual who embodies this value does what is required regardless of difficulty.
The Joy of Teaching and Learning
Chiropractic education is a never-ending process. We define the joy of teaching and learning as the recognition of this continuous process and its commitment to advancing knowledge. The individual who embodies this value is a lifelong learner and understands the value of educational growth.
Respect for others
We define respect for others as a feeling of appreciation for others, regardless of their abilities or achievements. The individual who embodies this value accepts people for who they are, even when they are different from themselves in belief and/or background.
Servant leadership
We define servant leadership as both a philosophy and practice of committing one’s life to the enrichment of others, while also creating a more just and caring world. The individual who embodies this value practices service above self and recognizes that they are committed to patient care over personal needs.
Dedication to the Science and Art of Chiropractic

We define dedication to the sciences and art of Chiropractic as a commitment for the purpose of understanding the scientific principles supporting Chiropractic and the dedication needed to transform technical skill into artistry. The individual who embodies this value is committed to learning the science and art to the best of their ability in pursuit of mastery.

Living and learning at a Christian university sets a shared expectation and creates an intentional culture for how you’ll learn, care for patients and treat each other. Through your Campbellsville education, you’ll transform your knowledge and technical skills into mastery of the artistry of chiropractic. 

What Is Servant Leadership?

You may be aware of servant leadership as it applies to church, faith, volunteering or even a Christian university. Servant leadership literally refers to leading others by serving them and ensuring their needs are met. The goal of servant leadership is to achieve success for the organization by ensuring and optimizing the success of each individual member.

But how does servant leadership apply to your education, your professional chiropractic career and improving the lives of your patients?

Our Christian mission and educational model are based on many of the top characteristics of servant leadership. In this way, we help you acquire and implement the skills to better serve your patients, your colleagues and your community.

Your Campbellsville educational experience will help you develop your skills in:

  • Listening: Truly hearing and understanding what someone is expressing. It’s more than just asking your patient for their history; intentional listening will help you determine the most effective course of treatment.
  • Empathy: Developing deep comprehension through visualization. Putting yourself in your patient’s place turns “my back hurts” into “my back hurts, and here is how it affects my life.”
  • Valuing people: Committing to their growth and development. You will better serve your patients, your employees and others if you value their contributions and help them succeed.
  • Building community: Encouraging belonging and shared goals. With everyone rowing in the same direction, your patients and teams will feel supported, nurtured and inspired.
  • Developing trust: Demonstrating trustworthiness and earning others’ trust. Leading by example and proving others can trust you will encourage those around you to do the same.

Living and Teaching Christian Values

Our faculty members are practicing chiropractors and experienced clinicians and educators who live their Christian chiropractic values every day. They draw from their professional life experiences and chiropractic specialties and incorporate their insights into their curriculum to abundantly prepare you for your career and beyond.

Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic offers you an outstanding chiropractic education a Christian university. You will feel comfortable and confident that your Campbellsville education and learning experiences are consistent with your values and your faith.

Christian Chiropractic Values in Your Workplace

Many of our graduates work in or are associated with healthcare facilities, VA hospitals, academic teaching or conducting research in chiropractic and clinical sciences. Many employers operate under a Christian mission. But the majority of Campbellsville graduates own and operate their own chiropractic practice or integrated healthcare practice.

Owning your own business offers you the opportunity to ensure that your Christian values are incorporated into your business practices and operations. You may even decide to develop a Christian chiropractic mission as part of your business’s identity. Your Campbellsville educational experiences will provide you with a solid Christian university foundation on which to base your entrepreneurial adventure.

Let’s Get Started

Take the next step on your professional journey at Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic. We are here to help you get started.