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Experience unmatched affordability at Campbellsville University School of Chiropractic. We prove that a quality education doesn’t have to break the bank.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Chiropractor?

Earning your Doctor of Chiropractic degree to become a practicing chiropractor is an excellent investment—more so if you choose the right school. Chiropractic school tuition and costs can vary widely, so understanding the total chiropractic schooling cost of each program you are considering is a great place to start.

Looking beyond just chiropractic school tuition, your total chiropractor schooling cost will include fees, books, living expenses, transportation and other general costs. Many Doctor of Chiropractic degree programs can rack up a total cost of $120,000 or more. Some chiropractic students find themselves with total debt upon graduation of as much as $150,000.

Choose a more affordable option at Campbellsville University to earn your degree and become a successful chiropractor. Our Doctor of Chiropractic degree requires 223 credit hours at a cost of $460 per credit hour, for a total cost of $102,580. That’s 20% lower than most other Doctor of Chiropractic degree programs in the United States. But…

Total Cost Is Not Necessarily What You’ll Pay

Think of your total chiropractic schooling cost like the sticker price of a new car. There are several factors that can lower what you actually pay, including discounts, rebates and special financing. For a chiropractic degree, what you actually pay out of pocket can be reduced by chiropractic scholarships, grants, loans and other total cost reductions.

What Makes Our Chiropractic Schooling Costs Lower?

Campbellsville University is your best choice for a great value in your chiropractor schooling costs. Lower costs mean you’ll graduate with less debt and enjoy the rewarding chiropractic career and lifestyle without excessive debt hanging over your head. Here are just a few ways we offer lower chiropractor schooling costs:

  • Pay less in chiropractic school tuition. As a chiropractic student, high tuition costs and tuition hikes can cost you big. We work hard to keep tuition as low as possible for our students. Campbellsville University’s tuition is 20% lower than most other Doctor of Chiropractic degree programs nationwide.
  • Enjoy a lower local cost of living. Students in many other chiropractic programs must also foot the bill for a higher cost of living. According to, Harrodsburg, Kentucky—our campus home—boasts significantly lower cost of living and housing costs than the average nationally, meaning you’ll pay less to live in a great area. Schedule a visit to our campus to see for yourself.
  • Save more with our community-based clerkship. Campbellsville University offers chiropractic students in their final year the flexibility to complete their community-based clerkship anywhere in the country while completing their final year of coursework fully online. Choose to live in a highly affordable area—or even at home—to lower your total chiropractor schooling costs.

“Less debt is always better. I’ve met chiropractors so far in debt it’s difficult to keep their head above water, let alone get a future loan for their home, car or business. We want our graduates to be well-positioned for long-term financial success, and that starts with choosing a high-quality education with greater transparency and lower tuition.”

Dennis Short, DC

Associate Vice President of
Chiropractic Education

Lower Your Chiropractor Schooling Costs With Financial Aid

Campbellsville University is dedicated to providing you the best value in a chiropractic education. Our financial aid pros are ready to help you generate the best financial aid package for your chiropractor schooling costs.

Your financial aid package may include:

  • Federal student aid (through the FAFSA, school code 001959)
  • Grants
  • National, state and local chiropractic scholarships
  • Loans
  • Aid for military families
  • And more


Let’s Get Started

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