State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

Our magnificent new 45,000-square-foot School of Chiropractic is filled with cutting-edge technology that ensures graduates master the academic knowledge and clinical skills needed to succeed. Our tech delivers everything students need and nothing they don’t.

Touch screen Anatomage tables help students visualize and understand the anatomy and physiology concepts of a real human body in a technologically advanced way, and without the ethical and practical issues associated with the traditional use of cadavers. This fully segmented 3D anatomy system uses virtual dissection to present students with a highly effective, fully interactive, life-sized touch screen experience as if the patient were on an operating table.

Kinetisense 360 motion capture software in the Bluegrass Chiro Student Clinic adds the power of artificial intelligence to help students develop better diagnostics in a real-world setting.

The fully operational clinic helps students familiarize themselves with the inner workings of a medical practice, such as managing electronic health records, using an X-ray machine, developing physical therapy plans, and practicing good bedside manner techniques.

Ours is among the first chiropractic schools in the world to have a force sensing table, which simulates chiropractic adjustments and gives students real-time feedback. With three large monitors that show students the angle, force and time-delayed analyses of their adjustments, the simulator allows students to repeatedly practice treating different body types, focus on patients’ progress and comfort, and develop consistency in their techniques.

The new facility – dedicated entirely to the School of Chiropractic – also features a radiology suite, physical therapy zone, spacious classroooms, and an open atrium that serves as a student living room, study and event space.